Sunday, March 22, 2009

our tree

a few weekends ago, we planted a tree in our front yard. in the real estate ad, there was a photo of the house with a tree in the front. hurricane gustav must have taken care of that one -- when we first saw the house, there was just a hole in the front yard.

it didn't take long for us to pick out a tree to replace it. we were swayed by it being spring, and oaklahoma redbuds are particularly beautiful in the spring.

when we bought our washer and dryer from home depot, we signed up for the home depot credit card. scott wanted the flexibility interest free credit and no payments for up to six months, and i wanted the four $25 gift certificates that are part of the sign-up bonus. needless to say, in the first month we paid off the washer and dryer, and every month from then until april we have a $25 gift certificate to use at home depot.

our $25 bought us our redbud, a bag of mulch, and a bag of potting soil. we spent an extra $10 on a pot of birds of paradise, scott's favorite plant of hawaii.

here is a closeup of the redbud (from the internet)

our baby redbud (it has already bloomed and is now growing leaves)

bird of paradise


Melanie said...

Wow, awesome, that's cheap for such a big tree!

Laura said...

yeah! it was $18, i think. and it came with a year warranty! whatever that means!!