Wednesday, June 10, 2009

jamaica post one

I've just uploaded the photos and videos from our Jamaican vacation. Sadly, many of the photos are not great, and some of the things we did I didn't photograph (like the kayaking and white water rafting, and even some of the zip lining). The photograph I wish I had the most was the one of Scott jumping off of a cliff into the river we rafted along. I thought I was brave enough to go, but after slipping on the rocks on the way up, I decided I was not!

Here are just a few... and I'll update more later!

one of the restaurants overlooking the beach

our first day, taking in the view

another shot of the beach

in the jungle, before ziplining

the day we went shopping (which I do not recommend! I said "no thank you" more than ever in my entire life!!)
We were sad to learn that this woman has spent her life balancing this basket on her head to earn tips from tourists.

"spiderman" climbing a tree to get us a couple of coconuts to drink from

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