Monday, January 10, 2011

extreme neglect of blog!!

I'm really horrible at keeping up with this blog. Part of the reason is that Tyler ONLY naps in my arms, which means that from 6:30am-7pm I am parenting him. The other part is that after 7pm, when he's in bed, I have my only bit of "me" time for the day, and that's actually shared with Scott. (This isn't 100% true... I do have 10 minutes of "me" time when Scott gives Tyler a bath! Does that even count?)

I am writing this now next to a whiny baby who is in his exercauser, bored, wishing I could play with him. So, I'd better go!

I'll leave with a photo of Tyler's first experience in a shopping cart, 12/30/10 :) He started sitting unassisted at 4.5 months and we are all loving it!

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kristin said...

I've missed you on here! I bet he is keeping you busy, but isn't it just the best job ever? He's too cute!