Tuesday, June 7, 2011


I recognize that I am doing this about six months late... oops!

January: We heard Tyler's heartbeat on a doppler for the first time. Announced our pregnancy to our friends. Took an Intelligender test that swore we were having a little girl. Didn't believe it (fortunately).

February: Received a Valentine card from Scott and the baby. So sweet! Started looking pregnant. Dug a garden and planted a lot of yummy things.

March: I started having horrible acid reflux because of the pregnancy. I woke countless times choking on my vomit. It was terrible! I had no idea that people LIVED like that and I started buying stock in tums. When that stopped working, I used OTC then prescription drugs. Of course, none of these worked, so I just swallowed a ton of vomit.

April: Scott won a trip to Miami, so we babymooned. Fortunately for him, everything was all inclusive with premium bar. Unfortunately for me, I was pregnant. We didn't spend much time on the beach, but it was nice to get away. I took my annual photo with my birthday tree, and we celebrated my last birthday as a family of two.

May: School ended and work for me became much easier. I became huge. There is photographic evidence of my size on this very blog. At some point, I decided that it would be a good idea to completely demolish our kitchen and remodel it. (Okay, not completely, just mostly.) It was horrible, but now it looks much much better.

June: I did summer camp with elementary and middle school kids in the heat of Louisiana summer. Outside. With little liquid nourishment. It was tough, and I had a lot of Braxton-Hicks contractions. These would be the last contractions I would feel until I was actually in labor.

July: My due date was July 31. I knew better than to think I'd actually have the baby early, but I was so sick of choking on my vomit that I was ready to have the baby. I spent a lot of time at the pool because I felt weightless. It was amazing.

August: Tyler was born August 3 at 12:24am. He started screaming after birth and didn't really slow down for months. Fortunately for him, we are very forgiving people and we fell in love with him anyway. All that time at the pool I spent in July? Big mistake. My belly button was black. I am not kidding.

September: Scott started a new job and was out of town for nearly two full weeks. My mom stayed with me to help with Tyler and I spent a lot of time crying and feeling helpless. Every day felt like the longest day of my life and I was sleeping a collective 5 hours of broken sleep a day. Tyler would only sleep in the Baby Bjorn or on the boob.

October: Tyler took his first out-of-state trip to Dallas, TX. Scott had a business trip and I was terrified of being alone with Tyler, so we went along to see Catherine and Mark. Catherine especially loved seeing Tyler, as she was pregnant with twins and ready to be a mom. Tyler didn't sleep very well, but that was sort of normal for the time. The Baby Bjorn wasn't working out very well on the trip, so most of his sleep was attached to the boob. This would be a habit that would continue until March 2011.

November: Tyler and I accompanied my mom to Wichita Falls, TX to meet the brand new Salem Hostetler. Tyler slept less than he slept in Dallas, and he cried most of the time we were visiting with my sister. It was stressful, but I fell in love with baby Salem. She also managed to sleep more than my 3 month old baby. In love? Yes. Jealous? You betcha. We brought Tyler to Slidell to stay overnight the night before Thanksgiving. He woke up every 45 minutes and slept in my arms while Scott and I share a double bed. Not a whole lot of fun. Tyler also cried through Thanksgiving dinner with my parents. I suspect he was exhausted, as I wanted to cry, too!

We hosted my in-laws for Christmas because it was really the only way we could survive. Tyler loved the Christmas tree (a fake) and spent most of his time trying to eat the branches. I took six hundred photos of him sitting in front of the tree in his little elf hat. Life was still incredibly difficult, but was becoming more manageable. Scott and I decided that we would move Tyler to his own room in hopes that we could all get some sleep, and we made a plan and stuck to it. Initially, Tyler hated his crib, but we soon learned that he could in fact roll over (as he spent most of his time rolling in his sleep. Which woke him. It was great!)

So that's a year! Only six months late :)


Melanie said...

Don't be too jealous, I did have Adora first. . . . Plus I had Adora AND Salem when you were jealous. But I do hope your second sleeps better.

kristin said...

So happy for the update! Sorry to hear of all the sleepless nights momma, but I can tell how much ya'll adore him and he obviously adores ya'll! Just remember as they get older it gets easier:) cherish every moment b/c trust me time will fly by!