Friday, January 9, 2009

improvements in our contract

i haven't written much about it, but this whole home buying thing has been incredibly difficult. for starters, the seller has been a super-jerk!

when we did the inspection, our inspector found several minor (but serious) problems with the house. for instance, in both bathrooms, there were the wrong outlets. sure, this is an easy enough fix, but all homes built after 1970-something are required to have these outlets. the garbage disposal didn't work and there was a leak under the sink. there were little things here and there.
we decided, to be fair, that we would only ask for half of what was wrong to be fixed. our real estate agent said "no way this guy will have you walk away from the house... he'll fix these things." we believed her.

the jerk-face came back and said he would fix not 9, but THREE things. we regretfully agreed... he was to fix the fence, have the air conditioner cleaned/inspected, and fix the leak underneath the sink. he actually said he would have the "fence company" come back and fix the unfinished fence.

we got the call today that the house was finished and ready for us to close next week. we were excited, but a little worried. last sunday we went by the house and the fence still had an 8" space in it. why have a privacy fence and not have privacy? we ran a few errands and drove by the house.

i wish we had taken photos of how it looked a month ago.. because it looked exactly the same today.

the gap between the fence and the house

what a wonderful "fence company"

oops... looks like the "fence company" left their tools!

the neighbor's fence (with the "fence company's" boards that were "left behind") -- see how it is 1 or 2 inches from the house?

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Tracie said...

buying a house is the pits. we are starting to look for a new house and i dread all of this junk that goes along with it.