Saturday, January 17, 2009

scott's office

Our new home has three bedrooms, so we're splitting up our guest room and home office. Scott's thrilled, since most of his work is done from home, and I'm thrilled that he won't be working from the dining room table :)

The room we chose for the office was a nursery. The color was a pretty mellow green -- which we liked -- but the paint was mixed with this sandy textured stuff. I pity the child who lived in that room... brushing up too hard against the wall could break skin! Needless to say, we're painting, and so far it's been an adventure!

This is a photo of the work I did while Scott went out for more supplies.
As you can see, I didn't do much!

Scott got the roller on the poll and put my work to shame.

Three of the four walls are complete.
The other wall mostly consists of a long closet, which we haven't primed yet.

Painting would be much easier if I was as tall as Scott! Most of the night I rolled around on the drop cloth picking up paint and making a lot of noise.

Even so, it's exhausting! Tomorrow we're off to pick out a color for the office and hopefully slap it on.

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