Tuesday, July 21, 2009

It's been a while...

I just realized that it's been three weeks since I've updated!

We've started a few new adventures since my last post... one of which was joining the YMCA. Our first night we did a toning class with an instructor named Cissy and soon found out just how out of shape we really are! It was definitely a wake-up call and I was sore for about four days (Scott, on the other hand, didn't feel sore at all!)

A couple of Fridays ago we enjoyed dinner at our favorite fancy restaurant in Baton Rouge, Maison LaCour.

It's this little old french-style home that was converted into a French restaurant. We always enjoy it much more than Galatoire's Bistro, which is much larger and usually crowded. I guess that makes Maison LaCour a secret, but the secret's out! It's best to call for reservations a week or two in advance... so when Scott called, they said they weren't sure of their availability because HBO's True Blood was filming at the restaurant that day!

Here are some photos of other recent events:

visiting Tricia at the hospital after her 24.5 hour labor... doesn't she look great?!

Virga with little Izzy

Adora's artwork sent to Uncle Scott for his bday (Mommy Melanie drew the heart!)

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