Monday, July 27, 2009

Visiting the "Bug Zoo"

Scott's 27th birthday was full of surprises! On Friday, I told him we were ordering from Duang Tawan, a Thai restaurant here in BR. I even faked the call-in order and we waited for 45 minutes before going to pick it up. In the meantime, my mom and step-dad were rushing through traffic to get there and grab a table. When we got there, Scott thought they were just enjoying a Friday night dinner... I had to tell him to go sit down with them and that it was a surprise!

Saturday morning we drove to New Orleans to meet up with our good friends Ashley and Jeremy. We met at GordonBiersch and enjoyed lunch and a few unique brews. Then we were off to the Insectarium (which Scott fondly called the "Bug Zoo" -- which made me laugh until I cried).

I'm not sure that I recommend the bug zoo for young adults without children... but it was still entertaining. The atmosphere was very childlike and not as enjoyable as the aquarium, but fun nonetheless. Having Jeremy and Ashley with us made it much more fun! We ate cricket pancakes and watched videos and got face-to-face with roaches... I was not a bug person before the experience, and my feelings did not change at all!

Enjoy the photos :)

Can you spot the bug?


huge ants

Laura and Ashley in the bug

checking out the menu at the bug cafe

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