Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have not been great about tending to my blog lately! Although I've had time, I have been seriously lacking motivation and energy. Where is this second trimester energy everyone is talking about?!

In December, we had the opportunity to visit with Melanie, Jake, and Adora for a few days before Christmas. Adora had her first Christmas tree, but Mel and Jake couldn't place any presents under it in fear she would get into them early. Scott and I brought about 15 books for her Christmas presents, so we decided to wrap them individually (so it seemed like more, right?!) and place a few underneath the tree each evening. It was such a joy watching her search the tree for presents and open each one. Each time she would ask for help, but her mama would tell her, "You can do it" and she would. Each time she acted like she was opening a brick of gold instead of a book. Here's hoping she keeps that excitement for small things for years to come!

Here are the photos:

And a video:

Scott really enjoyed his time getting to know Adora. In past visits, he usually sees her in a large group of people and spends a few minutes with her here and there. Seeing them play in Adora's element was just so cute I had to get a few photos:

In baby news, I'm finally in the second trimester but not much has changed. I still look close to the same -- maybe a little more swollen than before! After getting two different infections and a load of medication, I am finally starting to feel post-pregnancy normal (which is nothing like pre-pregnancy normal!) I haven't taken a belly shot for a few weeks now, but I'll post the last ones I took:

at six weeks

at ten weeks

During week 14, the fetus will grow from the size of a lemon to the size of an apple. In the following week, it will grow to the size of a large naval orange! Surely by this point I will be showing a little something more... I think I am being spared now because my stomach wasn't rock solid to begin with (and the little bebe is so small).

At ten weeks, we took a test called Intelligender that allegedly reports the sex of the baby. We got a girl result! I'm not having a lot of faith in this urine and chemical test, but we should find out either way on March 8th (I'm hoping). My plan is to be sneaky and schedule my doctor appointment that day... then tell my OB "But I'll be 19 weeks and 3 days!" so he'll let me schedule the ultrasound then too. His preference is 20 weeks, but lots of women I know find out the sex at 16 weeks! I know, I know... he wants to wait to look for abnormalities... but I already know this baby will be perfect however s/he is, so I don't care about that!

We are using this time to do some serious nesting -- ie. complete projects on our home that we swore we'd get to but we'll never do post-baby if we wait. We're traveling in February and March, but once we return, our plan is to complete the kitchen remodel! We're replacing our white appliances with stainless and our tile counter tops with granite. Hopefully we'll throw some granite on both of the bathroom counters too -- but that may end up being more intricate than we think (with sinks and all). Either way, we're super excited to get the project underway and I'm even more excited for it to be finished before Baby Stead makes an appearance.


Ashley said...

Oh man I am so excited for the bebe!!!

Melanie said...

Weird that you're in your second trimester already! How far along? Because the first trimester junk drug into the second trimester for me, but once it was gone, it was good!