Sunday, April 18, 2010

a few new things

I've purchased "a few" new things since my last update! I found and fell in love with this bedding -- and bought it -- just to realize that it is the exact same bedding my brother and sister-in-law are using for my nephew Preston! It made me think of something my friend Brittany told me when she was buying furniture for her new home. She chose the same entertainment center her sister was using at her house, but decided to go with it anyway. Great minds think alike, right?

When we painted the bathroom, we chose the paint color for the nursery. It was sort of a muted greenish color... we thought! We bought three gallons (just in case) for around $100. For a few weeks it's been sitting in our storage area outside waiting to go on the walls.

This weekend, Scott pulled out the paint. As it began to go up on the walls, we decided it looked blue!

We both love the color, but it's not quite what we were expecting! Seeing as how we'd already purchased three gallons (and my sweet husband spent so much time being the wonderful painter that he has become) we decided immediately to go forward and stick with it.

All in all, Scott did a beautiful job! We ordered Tyler's dresser this week and also bought a glider from a friend -- so the nursery will soon be coming together!

Here are some shots:

please excuse the large maternity pillow on the glider :)

Saturday night I was invited to a Planned Parenthood fundraiser. I had the opportunity to meet the CEO of Planned Parenthood and Julie Powell, the author whose movie was turned into the movie Julie and Julia. Because of my past involvement with Planned Parenthood and my very obvious planned pregnancy, I was selected to choose winners for the door prizes! I was told afterward that my performance as Vanna White was "just perfect" :)

Here is a photo of me before the event:

and Julie Powell with the CEO of Planned Parenthood:

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