Monday, April 19, 2010

Scott's pet orchids

We've had two orchids since moving into our home on Sweetbriar Street (about six months before we got married -- so three years ago?)

Of course we purchased them blooming but we could never get them to do anything again. The leaves were healthy and reproducing, they were potted correctly, but... nothing!

We inherited a small pinched off plant from an Orchid we gave Scott's mother for Mother's Day a few years ago, and we threw that in it's own pot. It began to grow large leaves but would never grow a stem. Scott followed all of the watering "rules" but we just couldn't figure it out! I finally told him that if they didn't bloom this year, we would throw them out and start fresh. Two years of non-blooming orchids does not make for a happy wife!!

The orchids may have realized they were wearing out their welcome, because near the end of the year last year, they began to grow stems! Here are some shots of our very loved orchids:

before the flower


from Sweetbriar Street

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