Monday, May 3, 2010

SO many things...

This post should be broken into several posts -- but I'm super tired so I'll throw it all into one (and maybe get away with mostly posting photos!)

Exciting update #1:
My sister Melanie and my niece Adora came to visit for a week! During that time, my nephew Preston turned 1 and we had a birthday party at my mom's house. It was my birthday, too, but I didn't mind being overshadowed by the super cute kiddos. It was only a preview of what's to come

adora playing with the fountain at the zoo

Adora playing in the bouncy castle at the party

Preston playing

Preston with his cake

Obviously not a fan

Sweetest girl in the world

Exciting update #2: Our kitchen is going to be completed one of these days! Scott and Jeff installed my range yesterday (forget that it had been sitting in our living room for a week -- Adora didn't seem to notice, which was very funny!)

new range... next in will be the refrigerator and dishwasher -- and soon enough, the granite!

I did, however, manage to come up with a microwave on my floor -- fortunately, it's significantly smaller and will (hopefully) soon be installed.

see, much smaller than the range!

Exciting update #3: Our garden is growing! Scott was able to eat his first collard greens and bok-choy from our garden. Which reminds me, I need to water it for him tonight :)

our garden

Also growing is the tree that we planted on my birthday last year -- strangely enough, it's not the only thing growing!

birthday photo 2009

birthday photo 2010

I'm short on words, so I'll leave you with a super sweet video:

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Ahline said...

hey laura came across your page on facebook .. didnt know u were a blogger also .. anyways i love the renovations you've done great work .. grats on the pregnancy .. wishing you a safe and successful birth :)

ahline angeles