Monday, May 31, 2010

all appliances are in!

(disclaimer -- this should be an update about my baby shower, but since I don't have any photos yet, it's about my appliances!)

All appliances are in!

Last week, Scott installed our dishwasher. The only thing left was the microwave, which has been in our home for over a month. It started in the dining room, was moved to the living room, and made it to the office where it remained... until today. With a little help from a friend, our kitchen is (almost) complete!

new dishwasher :)

our fabulous refrigerator

Scott working on the demo of the old tile back splash

microwave in its new home! (with a few patches on the drywall that came off with the tile)

aaaand one last thing...

Scott thinned out the carrots in our garden, by removing these delicious sticks. The next batch will be heftier with just a little more space and growing time.

It's been an exhausting but fun Memorial Day weekend. We could all use a nap.

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