Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Now that's more like it

We looked at some older homes today, and found one in Westminster that we really liked. I went to elementary school there, and it's a decent neighborhood that's semi-convenient to our lives.

By really like, I mean we didn't really hate it. It had a big open floor plan and some closet space. It was priced right... about 20,000 less than we expected to spend, and seller told our realtor to "make an offer" no matter what. It's been on the market since April. There was a big back deck and a large yard which we would have loved.

We figured we'd see more homes, but felt good about this one. Many changes would need to be made (a lot of these older homes have bathrooms that have either a shower or tub, not both, and they're really really small) and some we could live with, but some we might not be able to live with (like the bathrooms...)

I should mention that our realtor is a family friend and originally we were looking at newer, more expensive homes, but after watching HGTV we began to believe we could re-do an older home and we'd love it. Knowing what we originally wanted, our realtor brought us by a home that was on the market for 3 hours in a subdivision we liked.

We fell in love, and are going to make an offer tomorrow!


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Amy said...

are those pictures from the house that ya'll bought? if so it looks super cute!