Thursday, December 11, 2008

snow day

Baton Rouge got about 2" of snow this morning, keeping Scott and I home from work. Who can complain about that??

In about 15 minutes we should hear the response to our offer, and I'm happy we're together for it. I was almost in tears signing the offer -- this is such a big deal for us and we've wanted it (and worked hard for it) for a long time. Thanks to all of the extra time we've put in at work, the weekends we stayed in, and the trips we didn't take, we have been able to save up enough over the past six months to (hopefully) move into a beautiful home!

They say not to fall in love with a home, but it's too late. We weren't even out of the car and I knew it would be home. I can only hope that the sellers are willing to work with us. We didn't ask for much.

Attached are some photos of the snow.
this is not my snowman, but isn't it great?? Our dear friends Tricia and Jason brought Frosty to life in Port Allen, LA.

this was the snowman I made on our porch. He's about 8" tall :)

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