Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring is here!!

Although it doesn't feel like it! Last week's weather was blown away by a cold front that came in yesterday... so all of our big plans to work on our garden and water barrel may be put on hold. I don't want to be out there in the 40 degree weather, so I can't blame Scott if he doesn't either :)

We went to Lowe's yesterday for some preparation for our newest projects. Here's the evidence:

four bags of garden soil, two plants for our pots, and our previously purchased rain barrel, garden in a box (above ground frame for garden), vinyl gutter and downspout (for rain barrel), gutter parts (who knew there were so many!!)

So, what is a rain barrel? Simply put, it's a trash can with a metal grate on the top and a spot near the bottom. When it's attached to a gutter downspout, it fills with rain water to save for watering plants. You can find more info here: EPA website

Besides saving money on our water bill over time, our rain barrel will allow us to reuse the water that's already coming down into our yard on our potted plants and in our beds. The initial cost was about $100 for the barrel and gutter parts, but for a home with gutters, that cost would be cut in half. We bought our barrel at the annual sale in Baton Rouge for $50.

Remember last year's Oklahoma Redbud tree? It's finally blooming! There are still buds to open, but here's a photo of the tree from today:

Our tree isn't the only thing growing... my belly is! Here are yesterday's photos at 21 weeks pregnant:

and a few diaper cakes I've made for baby showers I've been to recently:

Next weekend we'll be in Miami! Since it doesn't look like many of our projects will be finished today, I'll have to update with the finished product at another time.

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