Saturday, March 13, 2010

the ultrasound photos

They're not great scans, but here are the photos!

My back has been killing me today -- not sure if it's regular baby pains or if it's from walking the 4 mile lake and then cutting the grass yesterday. I'm thinking the former was the culprit and the latter aggravated the problem. It's tough because I'm finally feeling up for doing things, but my body doesn't want to keep up!

At my last doctor's visit, I'd gained a total of 7lbs. The doctor wants me to gain a pound a week, putting me around a total weight gain of 28lbs. I realize this may be somewhat out of my control, but I'm still trying to be healthy. Occasionally I crave McDonalds french fries... but I've only indulged twice! Maybe tonight will be #3...:)

A few weeks ago my sister found out she's pregnant! She's due late October and it's so exciting. I've been holding onto the news for a while, but it looks like she's sharing the news now -- so I don't have to keep it secret anymore!

We finally decided against the combined guest room/nursery. Baby Tyler will get his own room -- a luxury I didn't have for many years! Hopefully he'll appreciate it :) There really wasn't enough room for everything we (or, I, actually!) wanted in the nursery and a bed. Now we (or, Scott, actually!) need to get the room painted and then I'll see about ordering the rest of the furniture.

Oh, and I started a registry online! I haven't actually been to the stores to add things, but in case any of you enjoy browsing registries (I know I do!) you can check Babies'R'Us and Target online. There are still a few duplicates, like the jogging stroller... not sure which one we want yet. Also not sure if my extremely tall husband will be able to use either one! We shall see.


Melanie said...

So excited to look at your registries!

Anonymous said...

Aww, your ultrasounds are soo cute! Definitly a little boy, I've had a couple of those myself lol.